From the President

Greetings to political scientists in North Carolina! Much has changed in our world since the 2020-21 Executive Council was elected at the end of our February conference. I look forward to the opportunities we will have to share our interpretations and perceptions. It's likely that many of the ideas discussed at our membership meeting will need to be postponed or altered completely. Although our spring newsletter has been delayed, we will continue working to create ways to allow you to stay engaged with our organization. I would like us to facilitate hearing everyone's story.

Our 2021 conference may require substantial changes in format. Nonetheless, the forthcoming newsletter will contain a Call for Papers. I hope we'll hear from many voices across the state! If you're collaborating with colleagues, please consider proposing a full panel.

The newsletter often publishes news from political science departments in colleges and universities across our state. If you have any news to share about your faculty and students, please contact myself or any member of the Executive Council. Our contact information is listed on the website,

In closing, I would like to encourage any NC political scientist who is interested to submit his/her name for consideration to serve on a NCPSA committee. If I may assist you with any matters related to the NCPSA, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cordially yours,
Liz Fournier
Saint Augustine's University